Patio Furniture Repair

We specialize in replacing vinyl strapping and fabric slings on outdoor patio and pool furniture

If your lawn or patio chairs, recliners and lounge chairs are starting to look bad because of fabric/vinyl discoloration from sun tanning oils, or they are faded or splitting, we can help. Our business is patio furniture repair. We can make your outdoor furniture look almost like new again.

Patio Help can also replace your old patio cushions with a choice of over 400 fabrics, including the entire commercial Sunbrella® collection.


The fabric slings on outdoor patio and pool furniture definitely have a restricted lifespan! After a few years, depending on a number of conditions, they can fray, split or generally become faded or just plain “worn out”. Let us help you with your sling replacement job.

There is no need to throw out your outdoor strap furniture just because the straps are discolored, perished or detached. If the frames are in good shape, we can replace all the straps for you, in any of the 50 strap colors, for one low cost.

Faded, ripped, flat patio cushions? Don’t throw out your patio furniture! We can make new cushions and pads for just about any style or brand of outdoor furniture, with over 400 outdoor fabrics.

PVC pipe patio furniture is very durable, but occasionally some parts do get broken or worn out. We can help with that. We can replace broken pipe fittings and pieces of pipe that may have split, to make your furniture like new again!


Updated 3/20/2022

Straps Replaced
Slings Replaced

We’ve been repairing patio, pool, deck and lawn furniture for over 14 years. Our customers are big and small – individuals with an old favorite chair they just can’t part with, to large resorts with 100+ lounge chairs that need a makeover.